My secret is that Dave uses my deodorant. Apparently he ran out of his own a few months ago and tried mine in a pinch. But he quickly decided he prefers it to his own, so now he doesn't even have any deodorant: he just uses mine every day. It really is like that commercial from the early 80's: "strong enough for a man but made for a woman." I asked him if it made him feel pretty but he said no. I was glad.


Blogger beckylou said...

Bon will use mine sometimes and actually had to use it while we were on vacation just now. I would ask if he needed anything before going to the store and he would say no. Then once I got back he would ask if I got him deodorant. Of course not crazy. I use Ban though, so not quite as "feminine" as Secret. :)

Blogger French for a While said...

I prefer Kerri's "Dove" brand. Hey, I can't find "Sure" anywhere in France. So now I "raise my hand if I'm Dove"


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