A la Saint Glinglin

Rembrandt van Rijn’s 1661 painting “Saint James the Greater.”

Saint Glinglin
is a fictional French saint. The name probably represents humorous onomatopoeia. The exact origin is unknown, but there are various fanciful theories. The expression dates back to the year 1897.

The French expression À la Saint Glinglin (on Saint Glinglin's Day) means "some day in the indefinite future, or quite likely never".

Similar concepts in other languages are the German Sankt Nimmerlein, the Portuguese São Nunca (Saint Never), and the Dutch Sint Juttemis.

I believe this phrase will come in quite handy when I explain to my children when we will be getting a dog.


Blogger Sue said...

Ha ha ha ha. That is a good one!

Blogger Laura said...

Hey Stasha, this is Dave's cousin and I was wondering if I can get some air-travel tips from you. We are traveling from SLC-to Boston-to Rome with a 18 month old. Since your youngest is or was 2, how did you keep him entertained during the flight to France? Also were you worried that your kids would get sick from the flight...any preventative advice and or tips would be greatly appreciative...thanks...by the way here is my e-mail if you choose to help out a soon-to-be traveller.


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