thanks emily

Playdates for my kids here soon, I'm sure

Thanks to Emily from Sacramento for letting me know that my good friend Angelina may be purchasing a $60m estate in France, instead of the run-down pile of stones she was supposedly buying two months ago for $10m (now it turns out she might be renting...). Interestingly, this new house is an hour closer to Mougins. Since she hasn't called me yet I can only assume she realized the other place was just too far away from us. Plus it was a dump. I understand.


Blogger The Telfers In France said...

Dear Stasha,
I'm looking for a nice little place to buy too, maybe a little chateau with some land (joke). I search through all the real estate sites and am waiting for the latest edition of "Belles Demeures" French Properties magazine to come out. I'd like a place in France so that I could come back each year, entertain friends, maybe run some photography workshops,that sort of thing. One of my favourite sites is http://www.tcogni.com.
Have a look, you might find something to suit you too.

PS Why has my husband locked the cheque book away???

Anonymous our juicy life said...

emily - i hope you are still in france when they move in....or maybe you can stay with them, i hear it has 25 bedrooms, a moat, a lake, a vineyard, a 3 mile long driveway..i'm sure they could squeeze you in. I read that they (bradangela) rented a helicoper (or maybe they flew it themselves) and searched around for houses they liked by air and then went a knocking...asking if it would be for sale. I guess this chateau wasn't even on the market but money talks. They are saying here in the states that they bought France...for $60 million.

Anonymous emily in sac said...

Stasha, I'll email you another link.
Tell me, did your birthing plan for your kids include timing the heli-flight to the hospital? Mine didn't. Hope the Jolie-Pitts invite you all over soon. Your kids will play beautifully with theirs. They could even help each other out avec le francais. Mais bien sure!

Anonymous our juicy life said...

Stasha - sorry I called you Emily....was reading the post and saw Emily and well...my old brain stuck on that name!!!!


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