notre petit americains

Madame Brigitte with her class at the library, Oct 2007. Sophie is smiling, bottom row far right.

We were finally able to get our plane reservations sorted out. It cost almost $3000 to use our "free" tickets to get to and from Europe, and we have to spend a night in Amsterdam, but we now have seats to go back to Arizona. Oof! as they say here.

This morning Dave spoke to Sophie and Sam's teachers at school, because they must leave school before the end of the year (thanks again to United Airlines). Both their teachers - Brigitte and Sylvian, who we have grown to truly love - were very understanding and said they would plan a little send-off party for Sophie and Sam, their "petit americains".

We feel lucky to have had such good teachers for all of our children this year. They have had an enormous impact on the lives of our children. How do you repay someone for that?


Blogger janae said...

It's so great to see Sophie obviously happy and comfortable in this French setting... not that I should expect anything less.

So happy you got your 'free' tickets worked out too! See you soon!


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