Tonight we had dinner with two French couples. Lots of political talk went on about who might be the next President of the United States. The general consensus was that Obama would be the right choice (except one dissenter--you know who you are!), but that he couldn't win.

So, who will be Sarkozy's new buddy?


Anonymous husband of La Vie Echangee said...

Just to be clear, it was our friends who believe Obama can't win. But they're not Americans and I am. I believe Obama will win and can't think of many things that would make me happier right now. He could do some amazing things for the country. I'm way less sure that we can say that about the other guy. I guess perhaps this is heresy given that McCain is from Arizona, but so be it. Here's to hoping we give Obama his chance...

Blogger The Telfers In France said...

It's a pity he had to have such a tussle with Hilary....
What a waste of resources, all for one woman's ego.


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