A funny thing happens when your brain works hard to think in two languages. Sometimes your english brain and your french brain get mixed up and you say funny things, like this:

Sophie getting ready for bed: "Mom, have you seen my pajamas tinkerbell?"

Abby, as preparing to make some scrambled eggs: "I want to use this pan, because it's minus heavy."


Anonymous shimber said...

I'm seriously LOL here! Thanks for sharing these - they're priceless! :)

Blogger Vicki said...

Cute! You'll all enjoy the humor in these franglais comments...they will be family bonding experiences.

Blogger Daphne said...

Hello! I like your blog and am intrigued with your decision to stay in France after your year of home exchange. We are tentative about even exchanging for a month or so but am determined to do it nonetheless. We have a home on Martha's Vineyard that we hope may work as an exchange for a French home,..though in a few ways it is redundant! I am online checking the homesforexchange site now. Again, nice blog.


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