I love the fact that right now my kids are on youtube listening to Christophe Mae and singing along!


Blogger mdcano said...

do you know how your exchange family is doing? would they be "blogging" their experience by chance?

Anonymous our juicy life said...

I think it's so wonderful that you moved for a year to allow your kids an experience of a lifetime! We are moving in September for a year, don't have kids though, but so many people we know say to us "you are living our dream"....but why it is such a dream, you did it...you survived, you gave your kids a year in france, a year they will never forget...horray for you!

When you get back to AZ do you think you'll send your kids to french class so they won't forget the language?

Blogger The Golf Club at Johnson Ranch said...

mdcano: our exchange family has left our home in Arizona and are traveling in Florida and New York. (school ends early in Phoenix!). As far as I know, they didn't make a blog.

Blogger La Vie Échangée said...

ojl: we will definitely send our kids to not only french class, but to a french school once we are back in the states.


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