a few more photos from the film festival

Below are a few more photos taken at the Cannes Film Festival, before it ended on May 25th. Cannes is set right on the sea, which explains the boats in the background. The first is of Stasha with her friend Pascaline. The second is of Stasha and me, in front of the hotel hosting many of the actors and actresses in the new Indiana Jones film. Stasha's bad is from a little sussy. Hopefully now she'll stop saying she wants a "Todd's bag."

The third photo was taken about 10 minutes after the second, after I'd decided I could no longer take the aimless milling about so went and sat down while Stasha stood on street barriers looking for stars. The fourth is about half an hour later, when I'd become so sick of the star-watching that I sat down on the street and started begging. I made 20 euro cents in about 2 minutes, which translates into about $6 an hour.


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