the world's greatest writer?

Dave here. The blog "stuff white people like" was started about six months ago and has received more than 30 million hits. The author is publishing a book of the same title on July 1st. He lists all of his posts by numbered topic, so you can see all of them quickly and easily. When I read it I laugh until I cry.

Here's some posts - out of his last ten - that might make you sick with laughter:
#100 Bumper Stickers
# 99 Grammar
# 95 Rugby
# 93 Music Piracy
# 91 San Francisco
# 90 Dinner parties

And that's just in the last ten. Every one of his posts are like the above. I also have to mention #84, T-shirts. Unbelievable. Then there is his post about how white people want multi-lingual children, particularly those that speak French. Absolute genius.

Part of the time when I was reading this I was thinking "how can this guy describe me better than I can describe myself?" The other part of the time I was thinking, "Am I really this insufferable, really this white?" The answer, I believe, is yes.


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