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I've never seen Dave cry in pain, and he never cries when he's angry, but sometimes when he's talking about the kids he'll well up, and at least once a month (sometimes a couple of times a week) he starts crying over. . . . . .sports.

It's been that way since we were dating. Yesterday I got an email from one of my college roommates, Tina (who I'm so happy to still be in touch with!):

"I had a total college flashback the other day. I was watching TV and they are starting to run commercials for the summer Olympics.

They had this one that replayed the moment from 1992 when the guy tore his hamstring and his father ran out and helped him across the finish line. Of course, I totally started tearing up again and then remembered the day in college when Dave and I were relating the story to you and we both started crying. That was so funny. We were just relating the story and couldn't not cry."

I showed Dave her email and we both laughed as we remembered that moment very clearly. Dave then went to the other computer to look for the clip on YouTube. Five minutes later I looked over and there he was, 14 years later, crying again.


Blogger mdcano said...

OMG how can you not cry??!!
i'm crying rather easily lately since having baby 9 months ago...this just about pushed me over the edge! but i loved it!

Blogger Laura said...

What a baby:) But it is a very touching clip. Thanks for the list of ideas and the tip about taking airbourne...your help has HELPED me relax a little and think if they can do it, so can I. By the way, I called the airlines about reserving the first row in coach and they said they would only reserve one seat because they keep it open for disabled passengers, and I am not even 100% gaurenteed that one seat, although I will take my chances. Thanks again!

Blogger Vicki said...

I'm teary too...David has always had a soft spot for people, especially those he loves. I happen to adore sensitive men.

Blogger French for a While said...

Real men cry over sports! And it only gets worse when they become fathers.


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