The other night we invited the neighbor, Roger, and his wife over for dinner. Dave loves talking to Roger, because he has amazing stories about WWII, and is just overall a great guy.

This time we got to hear about Roger, a ski instructor and woodworker, growing up in the French Pyrenees without electricity or indoor plumbing.

Along with his stories, he also brought a bag of Nefles from his garden and a bottle of Vin de Nefles, (Nefle wine) which his wife made last year. "Best with an ice cube", she explained. I'll keep that in mind!

  1. A deciduous European tree (Mespilus germanica) having white flowers and edible apple-shaped fruit.
  2. The fruit of this plant, eaten fresh or made into preserves.

[Middle English medler, from Old French meslier, medler, from mesle, medle, fruit of the medlar, from Late Latin mespila, from Greek mespilē.]


Anonymous emili said...

I remember eating Nefles. They are really good. Good memories!


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