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By the way, how come no one is leaving comments? I read every comment that gets posted, and particularly love the ones from people I either don't know, or don't know are reading the blog. In the last couple of days people have visited from Australia, South Korea, North Africa, Haiti, and even Iran. Not one of these people has left a comment. How sad for everyone. But mostly for me.

If you want to see where people are located when they visit, scroll down the page and on the left side you'll see a small map. Click on it to view the dots. Then leave a comment on one of the other posts, since this is the worst one ever. I'll definitely read it. I might even reply. I'm just a normal person, you know. I have dreams like everyone else.

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Anonymous Edward and Jana Gaffney said...

I have just finished reading through your entire blog, looking at each picture, laughing as the motorbike/scooter tips at a stop, crying for your brother-in-law's loss and living through your experiences. Thank you for the insight.

Just last night, after watching SICKO, the Michael Moore film about our Healthcare system, my wife and I thought about packing up and moving to France. She found your blog this morning and I have been engrossed ever since.

I have book marked your page and will check daily for updates! One question, what is the job situation like over there? egaffney@mac.com

thanks again!

Blogger Dave said...

We're flattered that you would read and so glad you took the time to write!

I haven't seen SICKO but would like to. It was coming out just as we were leaving.

Life is really good in France (Not that life isn't good in the US because it is). I guess the job market here is quite good, although like anywhere it depends on the industry you're in:

If you're into arms dealing or coal mining or space travel then there's no jobs. But if you're in IT, or the leisure/entertainment business, or into painting or cooking, then there are plenty of opportunities to choose from and Provence might be just the thing for you.

Provence is not perfect but we like it. Paris is a great place to start if you want to visit. And if you want to live here our only message is: "You can do it!"

Blogger Tina said...

So sad that people aren't commenting. I read your blog at least once a week. I also share the stories with my co-workers and they LOVE it!

I would like to say that I've been patiently waiting for a recap of the Halloween party. Did people bring gifts? Did they dress in appropriate costumes? I was trying to picture French costumes and could only come up with maids, which wouldn't be good.


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