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I've learned something about myself since we got to France: I like things to look pretty. I also like to take ugly things and make them look pretty. If things can't be made pretty, I have a problem. So, I have been really slacking around the house in France because I felt trapped in a sea of very unpretty:

But this weekend I broke free. I was like a madwoman on a mission. I moved the ugly rug from the family room into the master bedroom (see above, with ugly man). I moved the pretty rug from the master to the family room. I rearranged some mirrors and paintings and then I really got to it and messed around with the computer/fax situation. I even brought a dresser down from upstairs to act as a sofa table. Then I went super crazy and bought a bedspread and sham set at Auchan for 30 euros.

It is so pretty! It is blue with flowers on it. I guess it is kind of like my bedspread at home. Only I get to sleep under this one, and in the morning when I make the bed I am so happy because it finally looks pretty.

Our New Bedspread, with all the ugly stuff hidden

Our Bedspread in Arizona

This is all part of the process of making this house feel like home. Because it's not my house I can't paint, change all the drapes, buy new furniture, or bring the laundry room into the house. But I can make the best out of what is here with just a little effort, and now I think I'm not the only one in the house that is happier because of it, and that feels pretty good!

(petite disclaimer: flowery bedspreads aren't for everyone, but paintings of clowns (like this one) should be for no one. EVER.)

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Blogger onebusylady said...

I love it!! I hope you're bringing the new bedding home with you, it's beautiful!

That clown painting is atrocious, you should brig that back to the states to give as a white elephant gift some Christmas....

Blogger Marissa said...

Stasha I love your blog! You and Dave are Hilarious!! I can't believe you lived that long in a house with such a freaky clown painting! I couldn't even stand knowing something like that was in the garage! Don't even get me started on that clown a few posts down...I have to scroll super fast by it! Love ya...


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