The Year's Best Halloween Costume

We're still a bit behind, since it's November 11th and I've yet to post a Halloween party update from Mougins. I'm working on it. After I post on that, a few days later I'm going to move it back in the list, so it looks like I actually posted shortly after Halloween. I love the Internet. Anyway, for the moment you get "Halloween Filler".

Dave says this is the funniest costume he's ever seen. He was laughing like crazy when he showed it to me. Look at the guy's eyes. And how about his nose? You have to down a lot of hard liquor every day for a long time to burst that many blood vessels.

I didn't want to post this, but Dave was begging me. The costume was worn by some very bad American actor at some (probably very bad) party in the US on Halloween night. What's going on over there, anyway?

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Blogger Shanel said...

Who was the actor?


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