Double Life

We are sort of living a double life right now. We live in France, our kids go to school here, we have daily experiences that keep things exciting and wonderful, like when Carter says "au secours!" (help) or some other word in French.

Then every day around 3 or 4 p.m., when Arizona in just waking up, our "other" life begins. The phone calls Dave has with the manager of the golf course, the Arizona Corporation Commission, lawyers, and other "necessary evils" of running a business. The problems from that part of our life sometimes last until 2 in the morning. It is the part that sometimes rips the joy out of this part, the French part.

Often I go to bed hours before Dave does (I need ten hours, you know! ;), but he is always up in the morning to take the kids to school so that he can have the interaction with the people here that he craves. It is really impressive!

Lately it seems that when I wake up in the morning I am just grateful that Arizona is still asleep.

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Anonymous sabrina said...

May I ask you ... without offending you ... WHAT IS THIS BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE ON THE TABLE !!!!???? ... please ... tell me !

Blogger Dave said...

For those that may be wondering, Sabrina is one of our friends here in Mougins. She speaks excellent English but is nice enough to talk to us in French much of the time, and puts up with our hundreds of mistakes per minute.

And, like all French people here, Sabrina wants us to start drinking wine and champagne. It's "unfrench" not to do it, they say. We just smile and explain why this isn't going to happen.

But, to answer your question Sabrina, it's water in an old champagne bottle. We just took what they gave us!


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