When I was in college I usually watched between 10 and 15 hours of football every weekend. My buddies and I always said, "There's no such thing as too much football."

As I've become older (and more concerned about my wife killing me than I am about watching football), I've toned it down a lot. It's (sadly) basically gotten to the point where I can't even watch a whole game anymore. The 2nd half is enough for me, unless the game is really meaningful.

Like the playoffs, which started yesterday. As I type this, the Giants have just beaten the Buccaneers, and in about 20 minutes the Chargers play the Titans in the last wild card game. Although Norv Turner might be the worst head coach in NFL history, right now I would give my right arm to just eat some pretzels and watch his team run around in those beautiful new uniforms, just hitting everything they see. Instead I get some B movie on France 1. Better to follow the game on the Internet, or just check the score in the morning. Does anyone know if I got Slingbox for my tv in the US, would it work on my laptop here in France? Please comment if you have any insights. There are still three weeks of playoffs left and I'm dying over here.

Enjoy the game. I'm off to bed. What choice do I have?

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Anonymous Emili said...

Hi Dave. I am obsessed with watching the playoffs right now. I was not at home to watch the Redskins game yesterday so I TIVO it. I ended up staying up till 3:30 am watching it. That is pretty sad!!! I was so upset when they lost; I love Joe Gibbs and I really want him to get back to the superbowl before he retires again. I was excited when the Giants won today. I like Eli Manning even though he might be one of the most fustrating players to watch. He throws so many dang interceptions but he has done really well in the last 2 games. I really do miss watching Tikki play but he sure is entertaining to watch as a commentator. I hope you find some way to watch some of the games. There is nothing wrong with warching a little football. Good luck!

Blogger beckylou said...

Bon says, yes. Quality depends on your upload speed in the US and the download speed in FR. We could plug in our slingbox for you, even though we don't have the best upload speed. Let us know.

Blogger Dave said...

Wow Becky, that is very generous. I would love that. I'll email you separately to figure out how we can make it work.

And Emili, I was sorry to see the Redskins lose as well, but mostly because I can't stand the Seahawks. But the Packers are much better than either of those teams so I guess it doesn't really matter...


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