The Promenade des Anglais in Nice

I feel like I've made a lot of progress since our arrival in France eight months ago. Just this week a few things have happened that I am really happy about!

It started the other day when I went to Auchan with Carter and I felt totally normal. Like it was normal for me to go to this store in France with my son. Like NOT a stranger.

Then the other morning when I woke up, I realized that all my dreams during the night had been in French.

Today I had an appointment with a therapist to check out my shoulder/neck region from when I fell off the horse at Christmas. He asked me to do a lot of different things while he stretched my arms and neck, etc. and I understood everything he said!

Later I went with Sabrina to Quick (fast food restaurant) with the kids, because the weather was bad and we could have the picnic we had planned. While we were there, the kids were playing in the play place and there was a little accident between two of the boys in our group. I was near the boys, when a man behind me said something and when I turned I saw the blood on the mouth of Matisse. I called out for Sabrina, and she took care of him. Here comes the exciting part: I (without hesitating) turned to the man and asked him what happened, he explained it to me, gave his opinion about the situation and walked off. Shortly after that he came back over to ask about cleaning up the blood on the ground.

This is exciting for me because it was so . . . normal! I love learning this language and am so thankful for all the Francophones that make it possible! xoxo!


Anonymous shimber said...

That is so wonderful! I distinctly remember they day in french class at BYU when I realized I understood what the teacher was saying...IN FRENCH...and I didn't have to translate it into english first. That is a great feeling. I hope you all plan to keep up with your french when you return to the U.S.


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