This morning we loaded Abby's class onto the big tour bus and left for Auron! We had to take a detour to Vallauris to pick up another class from another school, which prolonged the actual departure, but soon enough we were on our way.

It was about two hours in the bus, and poor Alexandre made it two minutes away from the Snow School before vomiting. Boy was that exciting!

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's much snow at Auron, so hopefully a storm will blow in and at least dust the place sometime in the next 13 days!

I got to experience the cafeteria, which served a great lunch of carrot salad, roast chicken, green beans, bread, cheese and fruit. Abby wasn't too interested in the carrot salad! A few of the young (20-something) "animators" came in after lunch and made funny jokes about what to do with your napkin and how to behave in the cafeteria. I think they will make the experience very fun for the kids.

This is my sweet Abby when she realized I was about to leave her for two weeks. She put on such a brave face, but when I hugged her goodbye, I could feel her sadness and wanted to cry as much as she did!


Blogger Shanel said...

She is going to have a great time making new friends. She might be sad for a few minutes and then realize how great this is :)

Blogger hughes family said...

i hope abby has a great time! i cry when i leave sad kids at school for 2.5 hours, i can't imagine leaving one for 2 weeks! but she will have a great time i'm sure and i bet she will appreciate everything you do for her when she gets back! :)

Anonymous Michelle said...

Oh you have to keep us posted Stasha! You definitely captured a compelling look on Abby's face! Oh so sad. I'm sure she'll be fine but I can only imagine Julianna coming back from such a trip, realizing she did just fine without Mom and Dad and getting a head start on the teenage attitude! Not to worry you or anything. I'm sure Abby won't to do that at all. So don't even give it a second thought. OK?


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