Tomorrow Abby leaves for her class trip (almost 2 weeks!) at the Ecole Departemental de Neige et d'Altitude d'Auron.

I am riding the bus up to help chaperone the children, then after lunch the bus will bring the chaperones back to Nice.

I'm so excited you would think I was the one going on the trip! I spent all day ironing identification labels onto Abby's clothes and writing her notes for each night she is there. Then I took pictures of everything going into her suitcase so it will make it easy for her to pack when it is time to come home.

I'm really terrible at skiing because I am always afraid I will cross my skis and hurt my knees. I have a real fear of knee pain! Anyway, I hope she loves it and hope she is not afraid like me!


Blogger Janae said...

This is awesome... and crazy! How many people will be staying to supervise while they're there? Nine-year-olds skiing, hmm. I hope Abby loves it. It's very cute that you've gotten her SO prepared. :)

Anonymous littlest sister said...

so cool. i hope she loves it.

Anonymous shimber said...

This is a school sponsored trip?! Awesome! I hope she loves it.


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