A Little Helper

I do a lot of ironing here in France, which has taught me a few things. First of all, you can't iron everything. I've never tried to iron anything expensive, like velvet or cashmere, but I have tried to iron some t-shirts from Wal-Mart or Target which have logos on them like "Fruit Loops" and "Pink Floyd."

When you get in the habit of ironing, you just iron everything. Kitchen towels, socks, underwear. Seriously, underwear.

At some point the iron got something sticky on it, and started collecting tiny bits of fabric from certain (above named) t-shirts. Which leads me to something else I have recently learned: Martha Stewart does not know EVERYTHING. Because I did exactly what her website said to remove sticky stuff from irons and it did not work!

Finally after about two months of asking, surfing the web and trying things like rubbing the iron across newspaper, I found this product!
If you live in France, you can find it at Auchan in the appliance section near where they sell the refrigerators, sewing machines, and, well, irons, of course! It was kind of stinky, but worked like a dream! Happy Ironing!


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