Two years ago

Roughly two years ago, this is what I was doing: Feeding my last baby a lemon to see if his face would pucker up in a funny way so that we could take a picture.

Clearly I wore specs, which is no longer the case as I had laser surgery in March 2007. (Best thing ever!) When I look at pictures of me with glasses on, I just cringe.

My sister thought I had had an eyelift or something because the lady at the salon who waxes my eyebrows went a little crazy and I had a very high arch!

Two years later, that little baby runs around saying things like, "Dave, qu'est-ce que tu fait?" or "Donne-moi!" When he speaks to me in French, or when I speak to him and he understands, I am really, really pleased.

When this picture was taken, I couldn't have imagined I would be where I am now, doing what I am doing. Actually, that's kind of a lie, because we did imagine it, and we worked hard to make it happen. So maybe what I mean is, when this picture was taken, the idea was hidden somewhere inside, but hadn't quite been hatched yet.

So while this post is kind of random, I guess it is to say that life is full of wonderful opportunities and we should grab them any chance we can get. So if you are considering taking a chance by visiting or moving to another country, the sacrifice to make a small or big dream come true is totally worth it.


Blogger beckylou said...

Carter will come home this summer and wonder why everyone talks so funny. :) It sounds like you are trying to convince someone to follow their dreams without disclosing who it is. Hm.

Blogger La Vie Échange said...

I love your comments, Becky. I didn't have anyone particular in mind, although I could easily think of more than a few people off the top of my head!

Blogger hughes family said...

thanks stasha, and great advice! we do have an opportunity in 2 years to live in any US territory for anywhere from 1-4 yrs...granted it wouldn't be france!!! but we think it would be a great opportunity and adventure while our kids are still young. jason is the dreamer and i seem to be more of the realist, but i have loved reading about your experiences and it does make me see more of what an adventure it would be for a short time of our lives. i'm so glad you guys are having such a great experience there--it makes me want to see france!

Anonymous alisa said...

Stasha, great post. We have been thinking of living in france for 10 years and in october we will move for 1 year. We went to the Aveyron region last september and fell so much in love we came home and put our house on the market and discussed selling the business...but not a good time to sell your house, so after a few month we decided to give it 1 year, take a sabbatical, have someone run the business and see how we like it, can we open a business like ours in france, etc...so in ocober off we go with (no kids) but 3 dogs...renting a lovely home in the countryside near a tiny village in the Aveyron region called Najac. Can't wait.

Blogger Penny said...

You are so right! You have to take these opportunities when they come up



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