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Yesterday while Dave’s brother Brian and his family drove across the border into Italy, Dave and I went with the kids to visit Pascaline and her kids at La Croissette in Cannes, for an afternoon at the beach.

After we’d been there about 20 minutes she pointed to a family playing about fifty feet away and asked if we thought they were from the US or England. "I think they’re English," she said. But they were tossing around a football so Dave knew right away they were Americans (the subtle things we pick up on). Then, as I looked their way, it suddenly struck me that I’d seen them before – but not in real life. “Hey Dave,” I asked. “Isn’t that French for Awhile?” He looked down the beach and quickly agreed: it was definitely them!

French for Awhile is an American family from Washington D.C. that arrived here about the same time we did, for many of the same reasons. I started following their blog shortly after we arrived: Dave and I both enjoy it. They live in a town called Le Rouret (about 20 minutes from us) and while we were quite familiar with them through Blogland and them with us for the same reason, we’d never directly communicated.

So it was quite a surprise to see them fifty feet away on a stretch of beach that extends for several kilometers in either direction! We walked over and introduced ourselves and talked for a long time standing there on the beach. They’re interesting people with nice children and we were happy to talk with some Americans that share so much of the same experiences we’re having. Pascaline even took a couple of photos for us. You can read their thoughts about meeting us on their blog.

We talked for long enough that last night when we got home Dave realized he’d sustained a bad sunburn on his face. But it was worth it, he said. Thanks to Blogland for the experience and – perhaps – for the sunburn!


Blogger beckylou said...

So did you speak French or English? That's pretty cool you "found" each other.

Blogger French for a While said...

How fun to read about our encounter from your perspective. We just posted our perspective. And, of course, basically the same photo!!
And becklou...we spoke in English because La Vie Echangee speak better French than we do -- but we're working on it.

Anonymous alisa in Los Angeles said...

Hi - i stumbled upon your blog from french for a while's blog. My husband and I are taking a 1 year sabatical in franch starting in September. We are renting a house in the Aveyron region, just north east of toulouse. Similar to what you are doing - having someone else run the business and taking a well deserved break. Maybe we all can meet up sometime. I think it's pretty cool that you found french for a while!


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