We Scattered Like Rabbits

We are enjoying our "Spring Break" taking the kids to some of the sites we have enjoyed on several occasions with our visitors. Today it was sunny, so many other people were out doing the same thing!

While enjoying St. Paul de Vence , the kids decided to climb up onto a wall that was clearly blocked off by a metal gate. Three of our kids and three of the cousins were gleefully running along the wall when a well-meaning French lady let them have it and they all came shuffling back down.

I just stood where I was, which was a bit ahead of the wall, and let Dave say his apologies to the woman (and others who decided to add their two cents) doing the scolding.

It reminded me of the time when I was a kid when my Dad told us to climb over a barrier at the Grand Canyon so he could get a clear picture of us kids without the bars in the way. I distinctly remember a woman shouting at us to get away from the edge and "who's children are these???"

We all scattered like rabbits, as to avoid the scolding. If I remember correctly, my Mom ignored the whole thing because she was mortified, and I'm sure my Dad was probably laughing and kept on taking pictures.


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