Dave and Abby

One of the great benefits of this experience in France is that Dave has been able to spend a lot of time with the kids. He is the one that takes them to school every morning, sets up play dates and encourages interaction with random children at the park.

I have loved watching him care for the kids in a way that wasn't possible before, as he was always busy traveling from Phoenix to California, or making spreadsheets. (That's an inside joke, as when is my husband NOT making a spreadsheet?).

I know that the opportunity of having Dave be around all the time can only last so long, so I am cherishing every minute of it. I hope the kids are, too, because one day life will have to go back to "normal" and Daddy won't be able to pick them up for lunch or drive them to swimming.

So "chapeau" (hats off) to Dave for providing us with this opportunity in another country and for being involved in enjoying every minute of it!


Blogger Janae said...

What a great picture!

Blogger Penny said...

You are so right. France is so family friendly in that regard. Its nice that the dads can be so much more involved in everyday life.



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