Contre IKEA à Mougins

There are many things we love about France, as those who read have come to know. But there are some things about the US that we will probably always prefer. One of those things is shopping. There is no Target or Anthropologie here and the most interesting store in France might be Ikea. The closest one to us is in Toulon, about an hour away by car. But it didn't have to be that way.

Late last year the people and city council voted to reject a request by Ikea to build one of its huge stores right here in Mougins. Their reasoning was that Mougins is a quiet village and we don't need the distractions and traffic from all over the Cote d'Azur that an Ikea would bring. I love Ikea but can't disagree with the sentiment. You can see video of the townspeople's opposition above. And it worked. In the end it's worth the hour drive to not have an Ikea down the street, even if I do feel sad about it sometimes...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please tell me you did not write that the most interesting store in France might be IKEA.


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