Letting Go A Little More

We have been in Mougins for three full months now. When I say it aloud, three months doesn't sound very long. But when I look back at the experiences we have had thus far, I feel like we have been here for a lot longer than three months. We have a nice routine, some of the annoying things about living here (like laundry) don't seem as bad now, and I don't have the fear of speaking to people like I did at the beginning.

I have also had fewer bad days since I let the pressure off myself about speaking french ALL the time. The first couple of months Dave was really pushing me to be with people all the time. The stress of it sometimes pushed me into avoiding conversations because of the pressure to construct sentences in French was too much to bear.

But now I am at ease! I know at this point I cannot say anything I want because I don't know how to do it. But I do know that I am completely capable of holding a conversation, and communicating with people is no longer a chore.

Letting off the pressure to be immersed in French all the time has allowed me to think about other things I would like to learn or master. Like the cooking thing. I really wanted to learn to be a better cook while in France. I have made a little progress because there is nowhere to cheat for dinner, except McDonalds. And I am totally sick of that!

So, Voila! I made cinnamon rolls. Like I said, I'm not very good with yeast, but somehow these turned out pretty well. Luckily I had the Pillsbury Vanilla Frosting my sister sent back with Dave in October. But now that I found the powdered sugar at Auchan, I can even make that myself!

Now, we just need to find something for Dave to do before I kill him.

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Anonymous littlest sister said...

:) good job. maybe dave should write a book. or take up cycling. or...something.

Anonymous Emili said...

Those cinnamon buns look great! You gave me some inspiration to make some of my own.


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