This Game is Better

Try this game. It's so addicting that you may waste a lot of time, though. And make sure you have a good mouse. Good luck finding Comoros.



Blogger Dave said...

After playing for about two hours total, yesterday and today, my scores are:
1. World Game: IQ 117, 415,386 pts
2. Europe Game:IQ 109, 86,296 pts
3. USA Game: IQ 110, 74,728 pts

No matter how hard I try I can't get past Level 10 on the world game. They give a bunch of African cities on level 10. I know little about Africa so I get stuck.

Blogger Dave said...

I had a breakthrough on the US game. My IQ is now 118, with 93,003 points.

Blogger beckylou said...

you got a link for that game or am I blind and/or dumb and can't figure out how to even start? :)

Blogger C'est La Vie said...

Sorry. I forgot to put it in there. There's a link there now. Good luck!

Blogger Shanel said...

That is addicting. I am pretty embarrassed that I don't know my world geography very well. I guess this game will help.

Anonymous Emili said...

This game is so addicting! I am trying to catch up to Dave. My european game IQ was at 108, my USA game was at 112, but when it came to the world game, I only had 99. That is so sad.

Blogger Dave said...

Keep it up! I have thrown down the gauntlet.


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