Our two year-old has needed a haircut for a really, really long time. Like since the day we arrived in Mougins almost three months ago. But I'm a cheapskate and didn't want to pay 11 for a pair of hair cutting scissors, so a couple of times I have used the regular kitchen scissors to trim him up a little.

The problem is that his hair kind of grows up from his double cow-licks and he wiggles like a greased pig when I try to cut his hair. So you can imagine the results I got with that method.

When Dave came home from his trip to the US, I asked him to bring my hair cutting scissors as well as my hair clippers. You can see why I could hardly wait to get my hands on our baby:

As soon as I sat him down to use my great scissors, I knew it was not going to work. We went straight for the clippers. Aaah, alas, another unexpected international problem arises: The adapter for the plug allows the clippers to turn on, but apparently the voltage or something is too powerful because the clippers go crazy and roar out a sound so terrible that my ears hurt while simultaneously causing my entire arm to vibrate. But I waited so long for those clippers. . . there was no turning back.

Lollipop Trick-Not working

Trying to put in earplugs
(Why did we ever think that would work?)

I ended up wearing the earplugs myself while Dave held onto the baby (we can call him that because he is the very last one for us!) so I didn't accidentally knick his scalp. I clipped on the #2 head and went to work as fast as I could as not to permanently scar my son's attitude about getting a haircut. I don't think it worked:

Sulking at his traumatic loss

But now he looks so much better. A little shorter, but so, so much better!



Blogger Courtney said...

Cutting Seth's hair is very reminiscent of WWF. Jeff does the cutting while I do the wrestling. The sound of the clippers is the worst part for Seth and ours is just the normal noise - I can't imagine doing it with the super screech.

Carter looks so much older with the new haircut!

Anonymous Mom said...

You have a real cutie there. He looks great!


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