Hoping they don't have to go

This is the bathroom at Sophie and Sam's school. It's right in the middle of the hallway leading to their classrooms, so we walk right by it every day, multiple times. Notice that there are like 10 toilets in there (you can only see four here, but there is one out of the picture + five more on the other side of the bathroom), so a bunch of the children can go at the same time, which is usually right after lunch, before recess, etc. The teachers send them in basically at the same time, so they're not always asking to leave during class.

Notice also that the doorway to the bathroom is like five feet wide. And notice also that there is no door to the bathroom. Yes there is in fact no door. You just go. No door.

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Blogger Courtney said...

What's the kid in the background of the picture doing?

Blogger Dave said...

Come on Courtney. He's uh...uh...he's uh...Busy. No, seriously, I think he was bad that day so he's on latrine duty. They do that in France you know. Barbarians.

Blogger Shanel said...

I can't believe this. How horrible and embarrassing, those poor kids have to go in front of all their friends. Why don't they dividers or doors?

Anonymous littlest sister said...

Wow. I would not be a fan of that. Have the kids complained?

Blogger Larissa said...

It doesn't look like there are toilet seats. Is that the case? Can you imagine the outrage at our public school if we had the kids clean the restrooms as a punishment? Parents freak out here when their kids are held responsible for anything let along a punishment invoked!

Blogger Dave said...

No complaints yet. Just a couple of new words at home like "zizi" and for girls, "zizette". I'll let you figure that one out.

Blogger C'est La Vie said...

By the way, Dave was just kidding about the kids having to clean the toilets as punishment (He shouldn't say "seriously", then tell another joke). That would never happen here either.

But there are in fact no toilet seats. Perhaps it teaches the boys to aim better? I'll have to ask Sam.


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