Pushing The Weight Limit

When Dave had to go to the US a few weeks ago I decided to make the most of it. I wouldn't see him for ten days so thought the least he could do would be to bring back some stuff that I've been dying for here, but either can't get or refuse to spend Euros to buy. He took two extremely large bags with him, filled with stuff we brought here this past summer but didn't need (like 20 large stuffed animals). My instructions to him were to empty the bags when he got to Phoenix, then fill them with items that my sisters Sulesha and Shauntel would buy for him to bring back to Mougins.

I gave my sisters a list of thing that I either can’t get in Mougins, or the items are so expensive here that it’s worth it for Dave to lug them all the way back to France. My sisters came through big time (thanks ladies!): they got every item on the list and Dave fit all but one thing into the bags (a big box of Pet Shop toys), including two gallons of pancake syrup and ten copies of "OK" and "People" magazine (thanks to Virginie for providing those). The per bag weight limit was 50 pounds, and Dave said his two bags came in at 49.5 and 49.8 pounds. He was pretty happy, but I think I was happier when I pulled out that syrup. The list is below.

Things I can’t really get in France

  • Big bottle of Ibuprofen (not sold over the counter here)
  • A good set of hair clippers (I already had a set in Phoenix, and since Dave refuses to pay 30 euros for a haircut (about $44), I needed them)
  • 2-pack of Aunt Jemima syrup from Costco
  • 2-pack of Jiffy Peanut Butter, also from Costco
  • 10 envelopes of fajita mix – doesn’t really exist here
  • 10 “envelopes” of enchilada sauce envelopes – definitely doesn’t exist here
  • 4 Cake mixes – 2 vanilla, 2 chocolate (we can get plenty of cake here, and some of it is incredible. But I can’t find the American cakes that I want)
  • Maple flavouring
  • Dove deodorant

Things that are so expensive I had to get them in the US

  • Pack of 25 Gillette Sensor razor heads. $30 from Costco, about $75 in France
  • Pampers size four “cruisers”. Pack of 80 $18 at Costco, about $35 in Mougins
  • 4 boxes tampons and 4 boxes pantyliners. Here a tampon is - literally - a brillow pad. Those wouldn't work well
  • 4 tubes Colgate total toothpaste with 8 kids and 8 adults toothbrushes
  • Harry Potter and the Whatever Whatever in English - $20 (I think) at Costco, 28 euros here ($42.00), if you can find it.
  • Large box of "Pet Shop" toys for the kids at Christmas: $35.00 at Costco. 60 Euros here (almost $90.00)
It was like Christmas 7 weeks early!

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Blogger TropicGirl said...

Oh AMEN to this post! I can't even tell you all the things I brought here when I first arrived. I've been here all of a month and I already have a list of things my sister better bring at Christmas. I won't go as far as to say, "Bring them or don't bother coming!" but I'm close!
Just kidding!
Loving your blog!


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