Tarte au Potiron

I'm not much of a cook. Just ask my Mom or my sister. I don't know how many times I have called them to ask how you get yeast to rise properly. But this Thanksgiving I was all on my own. No matter how many times I could call to ask questions, that wasn't going to help me make a pumpkin pie.

In the States you can buy a great pumpkin pie at Costco or Sams Club. Or you can buy a can of pie filling and dump it into a ready made crust or even a homemade crust if you aren't lazy like me. But in France people don't like pumpkin pie, so they don't make it at the bakery and they certainly don't sell canned pie filling.

Thank goodness for people who like to post recipes on the internet. Especially people like this lady. She saved me a big headache! Because of her I was able to find all the ingredients at Carrefour for my pie. Granted, I had no idea how it would turn out, but dang it, I was going to try! It's just not Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie.
Here are the results:

The potiron I bought-already cleaned and cut!

After baking in the oven . . ready to be mixed into filling

et Voila! Tarte au Potiron! It was so, so yummy!

I've certainly been learning a lot in France over the last few months, but I am truly excited that I am learning how to cook-even if it just a pumpkin pie!

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Blogger Janae said...

This looks awesome! You are very brave, and I'm sure your family appreciated it.


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