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One of the first things I discovered in France was that a lot of things AREN'T free. Like at the grocery store, where you have to bring your own shopping bags or you must pay 3 centimes per plastic bag that you need, or about 60 centimes for a large reusable bag with sturdy handles (see pic). At first I thought "this is going to be a real pain, how will I ever remember to bring these bags to the store?" Indeed, the first couple of times I went shopping I forgot the bags and bought new ones.

But after that, it was surprisingly easy to adapt. Not only did I remember to bring the bags to the store with me, I started to keep them in the trunk so I would always have a bag if I needed one. And I have to say, I really like this system.

I saw this story on CNN and I think San Francisco and every other city should consider adopting the French attitude on this particular issue. I admit, at first I was quite annoyed that not only did I have to bag my own groceries, but I also had to PAY for the bags or bring my own, but it has only been three months and I am totally over it.

If every American grocery store adopted this system, think of what we could do for the environment!

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Anonymous littlest sister said...

Sprouts and Frys sell reuseable shopping bags ($1 on sale). We have some from Sprouts. We use them at every store, even though you sometimes feel silly using a Sprouts bag at a different grocery store or the fabric store, but we do it. We want to do our part.
Oh, and ikea charges you for plastic bags.

Blogger eldest sister said...

We use our Fry's reusable bags all the time too!

Blogger Tina said...

I'm all over the reusable bag. I never thought about in LA, but when I moved to San Francisco I felt lame that I didn't bring mine because EVERYONE brings their bags. I need to remember to take those back and recycle.

My bag is nylon and rolls up to about 1 x 2. I love it because I keep it in my purse.


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