Sarko the American

The President of France, elected in April 2007, is Nicolas Sarkozy. For the moment at least he's wildly popular and is doing his best to reduce taxes, incredibly over-generous retirement benefits for public employees, and to divorce a hideous wife who had already left him for another man. You would think you'd need to be pretty hot to cheat on the President of France. Think again. And now he's dating an Italian model. And that's just in his first eight months in office. All good things, given that he's about the size of Napoleon with the ears of an elephant and the nose of a proboscis monkey. He's not much of a looker but he sure can make some good choices.

Sarkozy is well-known for his love of the United States and its culture, and the media here have taken to calling him "Sarko l'Americain." About two months ago, on an official visit to the US, he gave a speech to Congress. I'm not a huge fan of political speeches generally, but this one was simply spectacular. Really, you must watch it. If it doesn't grab you in the first five minutes then go ahead and shut it off, but then don't say you know what the French can be like when you don't. Listening to him talk about his generation's gratitude to the American military choked me up several times. I wish American politicians could be like this. Or at least more than none.

The speech is very well-translated into English. If you ever thought the French were snobs, at the very least their President is not. And everyone in Mougins voted for him. What does that say? Have a listen.

Sarkozy's new girlfriend, Carla Bruni. Can France's first lady be an Italian?

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Blogger Dave Barnes said...

Everyone in America loves Sarko, we now order 'Sarko fries' with our 'Royal with Cheese'.

I actually took the time to read what he said, it was inspiring. Franco US relations could use something on a positive note for once. All of the 'freedom toast' and surrender jokes are getting rediculous.

The biggest problem in the US is that Sarko could make hudereds of great and inspiring speeches over here and no one would ever know because all that is ever on TV is election spew and stories of Britney Spears lastest movements.

Blogger Dave Barnes said...

I had to comment again after actually listening to Sarko give his remarks. I feel my first comment was too sarcastic...I was simply frustrated, I apologize.

I first read Sarko's comments but later took the time to actually listen to the post, and even though I understand less French then Dave (if that is possible) and I was listening to the overdubed translation, it was truely inspiring. He really is an amazing orator. We have no idea what it is like to have inspiring leadership in this country anymore. I can hear the response from our President now; "We U.S. Americans also wish to be friends with the France, and so forth and such as, the South Africa's..." (Hopefully you have heard MS. Teen South Carolina chanelling Pres. Bush or this post will make no sense at all.)

I refuse to accept that our current President is as unitelligent and uninspiring as he seems to be, but after hearing Sarko speak I am amazed at the contrast. Not only amazed but a bit angry. What the hell is wrong with our country and its leadership right now and why does what Sarko is saying sound so damn good?

Save us Obama, we all know we can't trust Mitt he is in a cult for Pete's sake. I am so frustrated right now.

Viva La Sarko. I have never heard a better speach by a President in those chambers ever!

Blogger Dave said...

Dave: Amen to your comments, brotha. I agree that we totally lack decent leadership. It's been a long time since we had a leader that brought people together. I hope Obama gets a chance to do that, because, unfortunately, I think he's the only one that has the ability to do so. Even if his head is in the sky, he's going to make people feel better about where we're headed. Even while he would probably tax us all to death. But that's just my opinion.

And amen to Miss South Carolina. I should do a post on that. That's like the greatest video ever. The best thing is people clapping at the end. It proves that people will literally clap for anything. Anyone can see the video here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=lj3iNxZ8Dww

Blogger Dave said...

PS for those who would otherwise get offended: my friend Dave does not believe Mitt Romney is in a cult. He was joking. Believe me when I tell you he was joking.

Blogger Dave Barnes said...

Even though I risk expressing my full man love for you David I will say this...I miss the long talks we used to have about things such as this.

Do you remember all the talking we used to do back in the day, back at the house in Provo? I have seen your post on your blog about your days in Shangrila and even though I agree with some of what is said you have forgot one thing...how much fun we had.

Anyways I miss it. Long meaningful conversation is a dying art. Even if it was just hours of meaningless hyperbole it was always enjoyable. Will make me a mix tape Dave...I miss you.

P.S. Please include most of the Cure Disinegration albumn, that one always killed at the house. Keep a girl up late enough and play enough Cure and anything is possible. That is what I learned at college.


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