We All Make Mistakes

Today our swap family called and said we needed to call back RIGHT AWAY. Those two words are almost never a good thing.

It turns out that Southwest Gas was at the house to turn off the gas because I hadn't paid the bill.

The guy was really nice, and Dave didn't lose his cool while I got the problem solved (oh, how he hates it when I "forget" stuff like paying bills." I had to use something called SpeedPay by Western Union (didn't Western Union go out of business like when the Internet was invented by Al Gore?) to get it taken care of right away.

So I've learned a few things from this important life lesson.

1) Don't forget to OPEN the emails sent by the third party billing company your gas provider uses.
2) International calling plans make it simple and inexpensive to solve the problems you cause by not opening your emails.
and . . .
3) Be grateful that you let your husband get lucky this afternoon so he was in a good mood when this problem cropped up. ;) (Did I just write that out loud? Shame on me.)


Anonymous Michelle Thurgood said...

I could never write anything about Glen gettinglucky on my blog. The children who read it frequently would freak! I take it Abby doesn't read your blog? Very funny- glad you've got gas!


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