Sophie FINALLY gets a party

We barely got our act together over a month after Sophie's real birthday and threw a party. Sophie is a year older than all the other girls in her class, but they are all good friends.
Here I am, finally a bit calm after a very stressful morning. I couldn't find the top of the beater to make the icing for the cake, and then the plates I bought had mysteriously disappeared (until Sam showed us where he hid them to keep them "safe.").

Everyone loved the Pillsbury white cake with homemade chocolate icing--not a speck of cake was left! I was sad there were no leftovers to snack on the next day!

Jeremy (in the background) made a treasure hunt, and each girl got to find a "chou chou", those hair things that you can see in Sophie's hair in the top picture. That and jumping on the trampoline pretty much filled up the whole three hours!


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