Dear Family, Friends, Stranger-Friends and Passer-by's:

Writing my/our experiences in this blog has been really rewarding over the past year. When we left France I tried to post a few things, but it just didn't feel right. "La Vie Echangee" felt complete.

Our family will definitely be starting up some new adventures, but I've decided not to chronicle them on this blog. I will most likely be starting a new blog, as a way to journal the experiences we have together as a family over the next year or so . . . . .but I'm waiting until that moment that the need to write is more powerful than the lack thereof.

I'm guess that won't be until at least September 2, when a new school year starts in France. If you're interested, check back sometime after that!




Blogger Samantha said...

I for one will miss your blog - I really enjoyed reading about your France adventures!!

Anonymous Pascaline et nicolas said...

Grand merci pour ton blog la vie echangée que nous avons suivi au jour le jour; Nous attendons avec impatiente ton nouveau blog
gros gros bisous stasha
tes amis français

Anonymous emily in sac said...

Wishing you well. Thanks for explaining why the blog ended the way it did. Will check in again in September. Enjoy the rest of your summer aux Etats-Unis. Anxious to see if the kids will be in the same school or if you'll be in a different part of France next time. A bientot, *stranger-friend*!

Blogger Leesa said...

Bon retour aux Etats-Unis! What a FANTASTIQUE experience your family was able to have in France! You will cherish those memories pour toujours, j'en suis sûr! I was a pleasure to read your blog and to follow along with your year in France! Good luck to you all and I hope that you will be able to do something like this again on another occasion!
All the best! Leesa

Blogger The Telfers In France said...

Thanks for your blog Stash, it was reassuring for me to read of your experiences as we embarked on our exchange in France. The fact that your children are the same ages as ours made it very relevant.
For me, your life in the USA is as foreign as our life here in France! I'm sure you'll keep checking our blog occasionally, and we hope to catch up with you when you return to France.
Best wishes,

Blogger Our Juicy Life said...

I am glad that I found your blog when I did and I look forward to hearing your new adventures. Your blog has helped me with our move to france and the year you spent there was such a great experience for the kids. I'll check back in September.

Blogger TJ said...

I don't know you, and I don't remember how I found your blog, but I have truly enjoyed reading about your experiences. Thank you for sharing them. I felt sad when you left France.

Anonymous sabrina said...

Un petit bonjour en français pour que vous ne perdiez pas la main !! Je suppose que vous profitez bien des votres à Phoenix, le temps passe et vous allez bientôt revenir chez nous. J'ai hâte de vous revoir et je pense fort à vous. Je vous embrasse tous. A bientôt. Bisouuuuuuuus. SAB.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bonjour! on ne se connnait pas mais comme tout le monde j'ai hâte de relire vos aventures familiales en France!
As a French guy working in Mougins, I really enjoyed reading your blog when working at night in my hotel. It was kind of like my "rendez-vous nocturne"... don't get me wrong though, I have a girlfriend, a normal social life and all, but I was always happy to read about your new experiences as an American family in France.
Vivement la suite!

Blogger Martin said...

Hey I've been reading your posts and I've enjoyed them very much, Im in a similar situation now since I came to live in southern France (Montpellier) with my french wife. Greetings! Martin http://lifeinthesouthoffrance.over-blog.com


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