A few "Dave thoughts" based on 24 hours back in Arizona:
  • Gas is $10 a gallon in Mougins, but it hurt much more to pay $4.12 per gallon here. How can gas cost $4.12 a gallon?
  • There seem to be more "for sale" signs up than ever before. I haven't seen any buyers.
  • The roads here are really wide. I love them.
  • I saw three Hummers today. I hate you, Hummers.
  • The land on the Northeast corner of 67th Avenue and Happy Valley Road has been transformed since we left. There's a Wal-Mart "Neighborhood Market" there now. What is that?
  • Since I still don't have an ipod, I've spent a lot of time with iTunes, listening to the music I haven't heard in months. Like the Goo Goo Dolls. And Keane. And John Mayer. I still listen to plenty of Blink 182 and Metallica, but it's the gay stuff that I've missed. John Mayer is a genius.
  • We lived in a beautiful house in Mougins. It was a wonderful place to spend a year. But there is nothing like being in your own house. It's just something that feels like home.


Blogger Our Juicy Life said...

welcome back to the good ole us of a. I loved reading your blog about your year in france and so admire you for doing it, taking the kids to a foreign country and now they know french. it's wonderful and a life long experience for them. i hope you all keep up the blog, we leave in september for 1 year in france and it will be interesting to see how things change and/or are different in the us.


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