Miss South Carolina or the guy from Dordogne?

Dumb people are everywhere. Like Miss South Carolina 2007, America's fourth finest teen-age girl based on her finish in the 2007 pageant. I suspect many of you have seen this clip since it's been viewed 21 million times, but I'm sure you'll enjoy watching it again.

There's nothing better than the country of "Such as". It's not as good as America but the people are so cute with their poverty. We should give them maps, for our children's sake.

Then there is this contestant on the French version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire".

So when people say that Americans are dumb and Europeans are smart it's best to believe only half the statement.

And in the French guy's defense, at least he had the sense to marry a decent-looking wife who is smarter than he is. And he at least knows where the sun IS. I bet Miss South Carolina couldn't find it in the sky. And if you think she was just put in a bad situation, watch this video. Then promise me you'll never watch the Today show again. Matt Lauer and that Asian lady make like $20m a year and Miss South Carolina is the 4th best teen girl in the United States. We're in good shape.

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Blogger Janae said...

Dave, I'm dying to see these videos, but they both say they can no longer be viewed...

Blogger Dave Barnes said...

Blame it on Public Schools. Lets not blame this poor girl, she grew up in South Kakalaki and at a very young age she realized that she was different then the other kids...and by different I mean hot, smoking hot, top 1%. Others around her, including her parents, friends, teachers, and classmates soon recognized her hotness and immediately started to require less of her. Her looks were enough. Sadly in this country (and many others I am sure) if you are female and have a certain measure of what the world view in your particular corner of the world considers beauty things are just different for you. There is no longer a premium put on trivial things such as 'learning to read' it is enough for you to just sit there and look hot.

So at a very young age Miss Teen South Kakalaki started to realize things were different for her, it is not her fault that is just how the world works. Think about all the people (think female) you have known in your life who were truly hot. What did they ever have to do, what did we ever require of them. They get a pass on everything, think about it.

So don’t feel bad for this girl, she will be fine, she could date the president of France if she felt like it. Feel bad for the French guy from the quiz show…bald, not too bright, let’s all hope he has money (more then he won on the show anyway). Wait a minute, he must have money, Dave mentioned he had a beautiful wife. See, cheer up, all is right in the world, and if you are not wealthy smart or thin try to funny, it helps.

Blogger Janae said...

I found them...


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