A New Me, (sort of)

I hate fish. I hate the way they look, I hate the way they feel, and I hate the way they taste. But the other day I went to the Poisonnerie with my friend, and I decided to buy some fish for Dave and Abby for dinner.

These two fish were ten euros. My friend bought some crab legs that were 60 euros a kilo! When I told the fishmonger that I didn't want any, he threw one in for free. Dave loved it!

So while I bought the fish, I told Dave that he was responsible for taking them out of the bag, putting them in the oven, and eating them. When I saw the skeletons on the plate after dinner, I figured he was content.


Blogger Dave said...

You didn't get those at a fish market...you stole them out of someones Koy pond. That exchange rate really is taking its toll. Stasha don't steal someones pets. Somewhere in the South of France right now a Japanese man is crying himself to sleep.

Look at those things. I have seen many Koy and many other kinds of fish and those are Koy. You know close relative of the Karp and golfish.

Why do they eat Koy in France and revear them as diety in Japan? I love the French they take things from all over and make them their own. "In your country you love them and keep them as pets, here, we eat them." Viva la France.

Can you please tell me if Sarkozy has officially wed? Please post many pictures of the bride...I mean wedding.

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Blogger Shanel said...

The fishmonger gave you a crab for free? I hate fish as well, the other night we went to Cracker Barrel and Nate got catfish. He said it was terrible and a waste of a gift card. He was extremely happy he didn't pay real money for it. It wasn't really fishy, but it was mushy.

Blogger Janae said...

Love fish, but not sure about these fish! I'll stick to salmon. Did Abby eat it?

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