I Win

Dave and I are both pretty competitive. Usually the scales are somehow tipped in Dave's favor, and he manages to "win" the competition, whether it be an actual game or just some sort of challenge he has invented. He has some sort of magical power where he just says out loud: "I WILL win." And then he does.

Except for the summer we lived in Hong Kong. While Dave was at work and I kept busy practicing making words in the game "Super Boggle." I was so good at the game that after a couple of weeks, Dave refused to play with me anymore.

So this summer when we embarked on our journey here in France, Dave remarked one day on my lack of effort to learn French words and practice speaking. "You better watch out because I'm going to pass you and you won't be able to keep up." I may have been paraphrasing a bit there, but you get the drift.

So you can imagine my delight when Dave admitted (as he struggled to follow a conversation) that I was way ahead of him with my French. I think when I picked up the word "dissuade" in a conversation about the death penalty that he knew he was beat. ;)


Blogger Dave said...

While I salute you and your amazing progress these last few months, there is a difference between private admissions in a moment of weakness vs public statements acknowledging the end of a fight. "I win" is a very strong statement.

There are battles and there are wars. Sometimes it's necessary to lull your opponent into carnal security prior to making one's critical move.

And the author of this post was a cheater at Boggle. Proper nouns are not legitimate words for points. Everyone knows that.

Blogger beckylou said...

Sounds like a sore loser is brewing Dave.

Great job, Stasha. :)


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