Les Soldes!

My New Bag & Sweatshirt

Today marked the beginning of the month long sales in France. The "soldes" offer discounts anywhere from 20 to 70 percent off regular merchandise.

So at 10 this morning Sabrina and I went to CAP3000 ( a shopping center) to find some bargains. The only problem was, we couldn't find a parking place! Seriously, the cars not only filled the lot, but every available surface surrounding the entire area.

Eventually we intercepted a couple leaving and we found a decent spot that was close to the exit. We went directly to H&M to load up on loot. I meant to look only for me, but I was nevertheless lured into the children's section where I found some cute clothes for Sophie's birthday.

After that, we hit Zara, where I found a cute top, but sadly the gorgeous leather jacket I saw there before Christmas was not on sale.

Our last stop was Galeries Lafayette, where I snagged my very first Longchamp pliage bag. Sabrina steered me toward this cute one with numbers rather than a boring navy blue one. She said Navy blue was for grandmas.

We are going out again on Friday to see what awaits us at all the other shops!


Blogger nora lee said...

Oh I really want to go to H&M!

Blogger Courtney said...

I'm glad the canker cleared up in time for you to hit the sales. When are we going to get an H&M in Phoenix?

Blogger Shimber said...

So, why is that particular brand of bag so special?

I wish I had a flair for finding deals while shopping... I guess if there were sales everywhere for a month, I'd be better at it!

Blogger The Kesten Family said...

hi! just wanted to let you know that i told gretchen to find your blog as you found mine. funny how with a few random clicks, you find someone you know! thanks so much for actually contacting me too, i am sure gretchen will be excited to re-connect.

also, good luck in france! that is so exciting! -nicole

p.s. gotta love H&M!

Blogger Janae said...

I must say that I'm envying your long hair. I know I am supposed to comment on the bag, but I first noticed your hair... and your "bling." Love them both!

Anonymous Emili said...

Good job Stasha! Those sales are always so good. I am in Boston now and they have an H&M here, so I will going for sure. Courtney, they are building an H&M store in Tempe Town Center and it is suppose to be open this year (just don't quote me on it). Have fun shopping on Friday.

Blogger The Dude said...

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