Feeling Better

My canker sore is gone!

This is either due to 1) Pascaline (the doctor) made me drink this totally disgusting vitamin powder mixed with water, which was supposed to flush toxins out of my liver. I had to plug my nose to drink it and gagged when I was almost finished, so both Pascaline and Nicolas told me I should stop. I think they didn't want vomit on their leather couch.

or 2) It had been nearly two weeks since I got the canker sore, so it was about time for it to go away.

In any case, I'm feeling much better, (coupled with the fact that my Mom finds Dave's posts incredibly boring and useless ;) and will be happily reporting our latest escapades in the South of France. See you tomorrow!

p.s. I was going to post a picture of a canker sore, but when I went to google images and started looking at the pictures, I was totally grossed out. I didn't want you to be grossed out, either.


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