A Test

This is a really bad picture because of the reflection, but can you guess what this is?

HINT: Look closely at the sign above (the one with the words in a heart). The picture will not help, but if you know some French, you might have a shot.

My immediate family may have a better shot than anyone else if they think hard.


Blogger Larissa said...

food-tasting dispenser???

Blogger Larissa said...

can't figure out how to edit my answer but I also wanted to say that it doesn't look like food that I would want to taste, if in fact it is food, but that was my initial thought.

Blogger Courtney said...

To be honest it looks like the bark chips people use in landscaping but since you are in France and to show my complete lack of culinary knowledge, I'll guess truffles (maybe they need the humidity to be regulated or something)

Anonymous sabrina said...

tomorrow ... i'll know !

Blogger hughes family said...

in spanish, "miel" is honey. please don't tell me these are BEES in the grocery store! sounds like an anaphylactic reaction waiting to happen...
What is it really? i'm curious now!

Blogger La Vie Échange said...

Megan, YOU are the BIG WINNER! Yes, bees, flying around in that plastic dome.

I didn't look closely at what was at the bottom of the dome, but it very well could of been bark chips. I'm certain it was not truffles, because those cost like 1,000 euros a pound. And they are totally disgusting.

Blogger hughes family said...

Yea! do i get a prize? :)just kidding.
i would hate shopping there, Jones would love it though--he loves to catch bees. How....interesting for a grocery store!


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