Our Little Kings

Sam won his crown at Cantine one day doing the Galette des Rois, and Carter made his at the garderie. While I am terribly sad that my children have very large, pokey ears, ;)I am glad that they are so sweet (most of the time!) and that they are learning French!


Blogger Dave said...

Pokey ears = 100% Dave's fault. Definitely Ashton genes. No worries those children of yours are beautiful and now they speak French.

They will be welcomed as heros when they return, everybody in America loves the French. The coolest people in my high school all spoke French. They also wore a lot of black clothes and white base makeup but hey they were cool.

Blogger Dave said...

See Dave if you ignore your blog and I get bored I get cranky and harass your wife on her blog. I am sorry Stasha.

Blogger Janae said...

These boys are darling! I love that they look so much alike.


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