Auron Update

When we arrived for parents day at Auron, this is what Abby was doing. She was happy, coloring, and apparently speaking French more easily than before. Dave and I were so happy to see her, and I was thrilled to be out of the car, because the windy roads up the mountain made me incredibly nauseous!We arrived at 9:15, and were told to bring back our children at 4:15. Great! No problem. Except that Auron is really, really small, and we had no intention of skiing. So what to do for 7 hours?

So, we:

*Walked around the town, saw this enormous dog
*Staked out the restaurants to decide where to have lunch
*Bought some souvenirs
*Bought gas for $9 a gallon
*Tried to hang out at the school, but were promptly kicked out
*Took a little nap in the car
*Had an extremely long lunch, where we laughed at the menu for things like this:
click to enlarge, look at top right selection's english translation

We were exhausted by 4:15, as were many of the other parents we saw taking naps in their cars around 3:30 as they, too, could not find anything else to do. So we all trudged into the school together, like an army of tired soldiers, to turn our kids back over to those with more energy and youth to take care of the little faces that by now looked like this:Buck up, Abby, only five more days to go!


Blogger Shanel said...

Looks like Dave got a haircut. That is so great that Abby could have you both all to herself. That is a rare occasion for kids. She will be so glad to come home. Will she get to see her grandparents?

Blogger Janae said...

These pictures are awesome. It looks like she's genuinely happy! That picture of her and Dave is perfect!

Blogger Penny said...

I'm embarrassed to say I've been lurking on your blog for a while! Your family looks like you're having a wonderful time and I love reading how other families cope with all the wonderful things France has to offer us.

Penny :)

Blogger onebusylady said...

Abby looks so cute, and so happy. (in the pictures on top)


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