I guess SOME posts don't need a photo

And in this case, that is definitely true. This afternoon my friend was watching Carter so Dave and I could go shopping in peace. This was a wonderful break from him as he has been a little cranky lately with some two year molars coming in.

After we finished our relaxing afternoon, we returned to pick up Carter, but spent some time chatting and then decided to make an apple pie.

We were busy in the kitchen when her son came running in shouting something about Carter having "crotte" everywhere. I wasn't too bothered as his nose had been running for days, and a little snot was not going to hurt anything.

Unfortunately there are lots of kinds of "crotte", including crotte des yeux (green gunk in your eyes), crotte des oreilles (ear wax), crotte de nez (boogers), and then there is good old fashioned crotte. You know, the kind that stinks and causes people to gag upon the viewing and or smelling of it.

So when I walked into the family room, both the sight and smell of the scene was both immediately horrifying and puzzling. How on earth had Carter managed to remove not only his jeans, but also his diaper and manage to have crotte all over his legs, the diaper, the floor AND the jeans? And more importantly, WHY?????

I immediately grabbed him and ran uptairs to the bath to get him cleaned off while dying of embarrassment and gasping "I am SO sorry!" all the way up the stairs.

Luckily my friend is a good sport, and unfortunately as a doctor working in an old folks home, has seen a lot worse that a little toddler crotte.

And fortunately, the apple pie was not affected by the surrounding events, and we all enjoyed a little slice of Americana this afternoon.


Blogger Courtney said...

Thank you for not posting a pic!

Anonymous shimber said...


Glad the pie turned out!


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