(This is the type of eye chart used for the exam)

On Monday Sophie had a"visite medicale" which is required for all the children in the Grande section of Maternelle (kindergarten) in order to advance to CP (first grade).

The doctor asked Sophie to do some basic things like count as high as she can, write her name, write some numbers, etc. Then she did some very interesting tests that can determine signs of certain learning disabilities. One test involved the doctor tapping her pen underneath the desk and having Sophie repeat (or inversely repeat) the pattern. This test was to look for signs of ADD.

She also did an eye exam and took some information about Sophie's birth. During this portion, the language barrier led the doctor to believe that Sophie and Sam were twins and even still Sophie weighed 10 pounds at birth! (I also had a ball trying to figure out how much 10 pounds is in kilograms.) After I explained that she is 18 months older than him, she lost the astonished look on her face.

Needless to say, at 7 years old, Sophie is officially cleared to go to first grade.


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