Picard is a store where they sell frozen food. At first I was afraid to go there, because I'm just weird like that. But then one day for dinner, someone served a great little meal that was purchased at Picard.

So I figured it would be safe to go and spend our very expensively purchased euros. I LOVE IT!! Not only is it the only store where I have found regular popsicles for when my kids are sick and won't drink or eat . . . but they have superb meal selections.

Like this soup, for example. It comes in a bag and inside there are little frozen cubes of soup. You place as many as you like in a pan, warm them up, and serve with a baguette and salad. Et voila! Dinner.

Okay, okay, I'm probably the laziest cook on the planet, because somewhere out there a normal person is saying to themselves: "I could make that soup in two seconds." or "Yeah, the frozen soup thing has been around for ages."

But for the often lazy cook that lives in France-Go to Picard!


Blogger Samantha said...

I love Picard - they're the only place around here that sells bagels, corn, and corn on the cob! I also love their frozen baguettes and buns. We live in the countryside and it's always such a pain to run into town to get bread. Now, we just need to pop a loaf in the oven, and ten minutes later we've got a warm, fresh baguette! Plus, they're half-size, so we don't end up throwing half of it away because it's stale like we normally do with the ones we get from the bakery.


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