Some would say I'm a "procrastinator".  I call it taking my own sweet time.  After all, la vie est belle, why hurry through it?

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Blogger The Telfers In France said...

Great to hear from you again!!
You really need a reason to Blog, and your blogging experiences from last year were helpful to us when we started out on our home exchange in France.
We look forward to following your continued French journey.
Welcome back!

Anonymous Annie said...

Je suis ravie de votre retour en France !
J'ai adoré lire votre découverte de mon (notre !) beau pays. j' ai hâte de lire vos nouvelles aventures dans "la vie est belle".
Votre mari travaille à Paris ? quel métier ? et avez-vous la même maison ou une autre ?
en tout cas : Welcome back !

Blogger Pierre said...

enfin de vos nouvelles chere Stasha!It was so sad to read nothing more about you and your adventure in France.
I wish you to quickly find an accomodation for your familly.
Pierre and Fabienne (HE 33756)

Blogger Twirl me with Kindness said...

Hi, we are moving to France for a few years. I have 3 boys that all play hockey. any suggestions? tashacurry@me.com



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