Goodbye Pan Pan Lily

It's a big mystery around school who killed Pan Pan Lily. Someone was lucky enough to take Pan Pan home for the entire Christmas break. The only problem is that whoever that was killed the school bunny!

Madame Brigitte won't spill the beans (with good reason), but we're so curious!


Blogger Shanel said...

How sad, poor little bunny. I bet that person feels horrible. It's always so sad when an animal dies.

Blogger La Vie Échange said...

According to Brigitte, whoever took the bunny for vacances was a little too rough with it.

No evidence, that was just her opinion.

Blogger Shimber said...

That's too bad. Remember when we got to bring ET home for the weekend? Maybe the school should adopt a stuffed bunny next time. Or better yet, they could get little Lily taxidermied - then the kids could be as rough with it as they want! ;)

Blogger Shanel said...

I remember E.T. That was so much fun to be the one to bring him home. He was made out of that weird brown pleathery stuff.


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